Thinkingmachine's second release is an EP called Triptych. It covers three scenes with a cold war atmosphere, describing a journey from desperate passion to madness.

The Triptych is intended to be enjoyed as a continuum, in its full 11+ min glory, but the three scenes are also available as three separate tracks.

Available December 8, 2015 at:
Google Play
Apple Music (we believe from search results. We don't subscribe and can't verify)

Available December 9, 2015 at:

Available December 14, 2015 at:

Available December 25, 2015 at:
- Endless
- In Your Dreams
- Reality Distortion
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

Available January 14, 2016 at:
7digital (se)
7digital (uk)

Available March 1, 2016  at:
(may have been available earlier. They've misspelled Thinkingmachine).

Soon at all your favorite online music stores and streaming services.

A note about pricing: The song 'Triptych' is longer than 10 minutes. Some stores only sell long songs as part of a full album purchase. This is not our preference, since we believe in the choice of the customer, but for some stores there is nothing we can do about it. Please choose the store/service that best serves your needs.

If we were still producing CDs at Ballistic Roses Music, this is what the little booklet would have looked like:

Lies - Single

ThinkingMachine - Lies single
ThinkingMachine - Lies
Buy it:


Thinkingmachine on Soundcloud

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