On Jagged Rocks

“I don’t know”, she said. “It’s like a handstand on jagged rocks.”
“What is?”, I asked.

“I don’t know…"

New music on Soundcloud and YouTube (May 2017)

Thinking Machines

Friends lost to paranoia and conspiracy theories. A synth solo abducted by aliens. Madness! Not a song with or about Thinkingmachine - despite the name.

Better Days

There is an app on the iPad emulating an Oberheim SEM synth module (from 1974 or so). I wrote this little dittie around one of the bass patches that triggered memories... Please enjoy!

New music on Soundcloud (Feb 2017)

Growing up in Sweden in the 60:s and 70:s was pretty bland. There was very little fun and entertainment for a kid. We had no PCs, iPads, or mobile phones. TV had one (and later two) uninspiring state owned channels.

We had to rely on our own imagination for fun. We pretended we were cowboys and indians, or astronauts, or something else we’d seen on TV, in movies or read in books. The world was made more fun and exciting with fantasy and play.

When I first saw Simon Stålenhag’s art, and read the accompanying stories, it was like having flashbacks to that time, and not just to the bland, lame, grey boring reality, but to something more…

His art may be set in a different time than my childhood, something like 10 years later, but with the exception of the occasional personal computer, it felt just like when I grew up. The clothes and car models may be slightly newer, but the *feel* of the Sweden I grew up in is the same. And on top of that, there is a layer of something else. Our fantasies, an alternate reality or something more…

It was definitely like seeing something I’d never seen before, but also had lived through… 

The boy to the left in this picture  is me. I know it. I just don’t remember it…

I’ve supported the kickstarters for his books and role playing game, and Simon’s art keeps affecting me. Sometimes it comes out as music. Please enjoy!


Here are the Lyrics for Magnetrine

and for The Body Swap

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